A Day in History

Today is a day that we will all remember. It almost feels impossible to put meaning in words that will convey my restored faith in humanity. Don’t worry-you know I will find the words. I always do. 

I have been reading for hours about equal rights, the institution of marriage, religion, love, The Bible, sins, symbolism, strength, respect and acceptance. I only stopped reading to write these words. 

Unless you are living under a rock and do not have access to the Internet, you know that ALL gay and lesbian couples now have the right to get married. Human beings now have the right to marry who they are in love with in any state. If that idea sounds familiar it is because everyone else already had that right. 

I have ALWAYS had an incredibly difficult time understanding how anyone could display such anger and hate. How people could use  various lines of scripture taken out of context to defend their argument. How anyone could be so intolerant of people who were born homosexual. I would love to say that it is okay for people to not agree with me. Because people do not agree with me. They don’t agree with my husband or some of my friends. I know that members of my family don’t agree either. That does not change our bond, but it does change how you might see me. I welcome a healthy intellectual debate. 


These are not my views, but i posted this screen shot so you could see all perspectives. i It is actually hard for me to even put it in my blog.

I am an Episcopalian who rarely attends church. I know. Sinner. I have recently been made to feel that because of my support of gay rights, that I am not a Christian and, in fact, an inferior individual. I can only imagine how people who are homosexual, not just a supporter, must feel. 

I guess I should be able to say that we can agree to disagree. But then there is that crazy notion of human rights. Those who disagree with me feel just as passionately about following Jesus and homosexuality being an abomination. Who am I to tell them that they are wrong for what they believe? Who are they to do the same? My brain and my heart will not let go of love and equality. #LoveWins

But I do believe in God. I question religion a lot, but I do know that God wants love. Whether I go to church or I support people being able to love. God does not arbitrarily use scripture to defend fear and hate. God sees things in a much bigger context. 
So, I appreciate Rev. Dr. Malcolm Clemmons Young for writing one of the best articles I have ever read on the topic and for reminding me that we are all human beings who deserve equal rights, respect, and acceptance. God loves all of us. 

Religion does not have to be a part of it at all, actually. Argue not concerning God for a moment. If you really want to split hairs…Is it the term marriage? Fear of unknown? Is it that you think that not all people are equal? 

We are all equal. No matter our gender, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, culture, beliefs, class, or anything else I am leaving out here. Recognizing and celebrating differences, forming your own knowledge base, dialogue, and transforming into an agent for change…that is how we move forward. Otherwise we give way to a life of saying and doing simply because we always have with no critical thought of who we are and what we stand for in this constantly changing (crazy) world. Just because we learn from history does not mean we have to repeat it. 




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