Making Peace with Time

Time is what you make it. Deep and thoughtful post! Love it!


Sometimes I think of Time as a person. A person that I have loved deeply when I have had those time of my life moments. But mostly, Time is that person that I miss so much it hurts. Time is what I want more of but just cannot seem to have.

Time and I have been in a battle for, well, a long time. Time always seems to win. When I was little, there was never enough time to see my friends, stay up late, or do whatever it was that my parents didn’t want me doing at that moment. I have come full circle and realized as an adult I pretty much feel the same.

Time causes me stress; it causes me to feel rushed, out of sorts and completely out of control of my life.

The thing is, I know we need Time to function. Without Time, life…

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